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posted by Jeff | Tuesday, October 23, 2018, 8:47 PM | comments: 0

Diana and I went out for dinner tonight. That doesn't sound miraculous, but we just haven't done it much. During the Broadway season, we have about one date night per month at a minimum, and we go all out and get the babysitter for six hours, but since the last season ended, we just don't go out much. This has been a difficult year for a million reasons, but our relationship hasn't been one of the problems. You think given that scenario, we would care for it more.

We have an incredibly low maintenance relationship, which is surprising because if I'm being self-aware, I know I can be a serious pain in the ass. But generally it's an easy going thing and we roll with any interpersonal challenges with relative ease. Any instances of annoyance toward each other is short-lived. Still, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't exercise a little more care for us. We love our dear child, but there are times when we just need to do couple stuff, since he came to us less than three years from our first date. We don't really remember a time together without Simon.

In fact, we didn't really do a lot of "adventure life" in our early adulthood, and there's some minor regrets around that. Diana definitely did more than I did, moving to New York to work in theater, but as much as that city lends itself to adventure, she spent most of her time working in dark theaters and not having adventures. I couldn't see outside of Ohio in my 20's, and I wasn't inclined to travel unless it involved an amusement park.

We're trying to make up for lost time, and to an extent we have done a little of that in the least painful ways possible, often with Simon. Taking an epic cruise to Alaska or the Virgin Islands is relatively low stress with a young child, but Europe seems a little out of reach still. Road trips aren't super fun with ASD in the back seat, but the beach is easy. And there's a shocking realization to consider: This summer, Simon will be half way between birth and high school graduation. That's nuts.

We only have so many keystrokes left, and you never know exactly how many. We need more date nights, and not just when we have tickets.


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