More marriage fun, and too much alcohol

posted by Jeff | Thursday, August 15, 2002, 5:38 PM | comments: 0

I'm starting to get wedding-ed out. Our friends Kristin and Matt (she was one of Stephanie's college roommates) got hitched last Saturday at this really cool outdoor ceremony. Probably around a hundred people there total, out in the middle of nowhere (Dover, Ohio) in front of an old mansion. It was a nice ceremony and a nice little reception, even if none of the young people would come talk to us (bastards).

From the wedding we traveled north on up to Canton for the great Mike Freeze bacholor party. Mike and I worked together at Penton Media for about a year and a half before I left and he got laid-off. Mike is like my very own token black guy who keeps me up on ebonics and such.

What floors me about Mike is that his outlook on the world is so damn cool. He has done quite a bit and seen many things in his life already. He likes thongs (on women). He thinks that my coaster obsession is actually cool and not geeky. He hates stupid people as much as I do. He's a good friend.

Saturday he'll marry Candy (I know... Candy Freeze!) and he'll be part of the couples club. In attendance will be many people from the old Penton crew. Should be a good time.


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