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posted by Jeff | Monday, March 28, 2005, 2:40 PM | comments: 1

Wow, after spending the weekend in Baltimore, it's hard to get back into a routine. It's also weird that Stephanie has to go to school and I'm here at home ("work" doesn't have anything for me to do right now). It's nice being together for days at a time.

Steph researched vegetarian joints downtown, and wouldn't you know it that the one we tried to walk to doesn't exist anymore, despite its Web site still being online. It got turned into a snooty wine bar or some such shit. Bastards. We ended up getting shitty Subway.

The kids and their parents organized a big team dinner at this little place called Crabby Dick's. Neat place, but not really great for us since Steph is veggie and I don't like seafood. There was no way in hell we were going to have garden and beef burgers again, so we went down the street to a little Chinese place. The food was pretty good, and very reasonable.

The really sick thing about the trip is that I noticed a lot of kids, like kids I'd like to have. There was a girl on one team that I only half-jokingly said would be our offspring. She was a little goth girl with black hair and plugs in her lobes, and she kicked ass. That would be our daughter, with Steph's fashion sense and my love for volleyball.

Then Steph noticed this little tiny girl on one of the younger teams playing as a libero. She loves small things because, well, small things are cute! We've both kind of got the baby bug, and that scares the shit out of me.

The other thing that always comes up on trips like this is the subject of moving. We're both pretty much ready to get the hell out of Northeast Ohio. It's not that it's a bad place to live, but shit, there are other places out there, and most of them don't require that you own a snow blower. I have a feeling that when Steph is done at Kent, we're going to move. It's time.

Clearly we need to get out of town more, that's for sure.



April 4, 2005, 5:30 AM #

My girlfriend Monica and I were in Baltimore to see Interpol and Blonde Redhead on Thursday and saw tons of volleyball girls at our hotel. The place was over run! She is a vegieterian and we ate at The Capital City Brewing CO at the inner harbor, good stuff. There is a California Pizza Kitchen in the same area too. For next Subway. :)

I feel you about moving, if it werent for family I think we would be thinking about it as well. I am thinking Arizona or New Mexico. I would hate to be a flight away from home though.

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