More stuff coming together

posted by Jeff | Monday, October 26, 2009, 12:53 AM | comments: 0

Various components of Diana's Toledo-based family were here today, and at her house, to get more stuff moved and taken away. We're now down a few more tables, chairs, a chest freezer, various garden tools and a twin mattress set. And probably other stuff I don't remember. Also important, everything coming with us is all at my house.

We've made arrangements to visit CP for closing weekend with the Neu's, which is also awesome. They're pretty much our favorite people from Nashville. I've always had good times hanging out with them, and it's actually funny to think I will have seen Tyler three times this year.

Diana got laid-off, so there's one less thing to think about. Her last day of work is a week from Thursday.

My dad is going to help with the ice dam water damage in my living room from 2003. Yeah, I probably should've fixed it years ago. He's also going to bring his pressure washer so I can hopefully restore the deck's color a little. I fixed the broken door bell. I think that's the sum total of issues with the house, other than some weeds in the landscaping.

The hot tub will be picked up next week. That's gonna be difficult for me, because it has been my calm thinking place. God reminds me of how peaceful it is every night I sit out there with a shooting star or two.

I'm picking up two radio shifts over the next two weeks, one 2.5 hours, one 4. Looking at their schedule that seemed crazy with current students doing one or two hours at a time, but then I remembered that I did it six hours every night. Four will be easy.

This week I'm hoping to firm up all of the travel stuff and temporary housing. We also need to get a cat to the vet so we can get drugs to knock them out on the trip if need be.

Just two weeks to go...


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