More whines and cries

posted by Jeff | Saturday, September 10, 2005, 8:20 PM | comments: 0

Well, Stephanie doesn't get to be the only crybaby today. I want to be one as well.

In addition to her issue that suX0rz teh big one!!111, I had one of those days with volleyball. One kid quit, or at least said she's quitting even though I said I don't want her to. Then we lost to this really horrible team today, dropping a big lead, as usual. It's one thing to lose to a tough team when you played well, but against one that sucks? That isn't fun at all.

I love my kids to death. I'm not kidding when I say they're what gets me up in the morning (or keep me up at night). When the season is over, I'm going to miss them. That said, I can't figure out where all the heart for playing has gone since I first saw it in them. I used to think they would be an average team that made up for a lack of skill with heart, but they're going the other way, with great skills and no heart. That's every J.O. team I've ever had!

Then in my little world, with the business, I'm not making the kind of progress on my own projects that I would like, because I have the time management skills of someone with ADD and OCD at the same time. I can't stay focused to save my life, and I'm making myself miserable.

Oh, and my diet has pretty much been out the window this week. I've been eating crap on top of crap. I'm going to undo the weight loss at this rate. I need to get back on the horse. Just because I've been at it for more than three months and successful, isn't an excuse to be stupid about it now.

Sigh. I need to get my head out of my ass.


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