Morning at the Clinic

posted by Jeff | Monday, November 10, 2008, 9:38 AM | comments: 3

Diana woke me up at 6:30 this morning to go the Cleveland Clinic for another round of IV drugs. The steroids did help keep the headache in check for the weekend, but when she got up this morning she felt there was some regression.

It took a good 40 minutes to get my comprooder to connect to the Wi-Fi here. Not sure what's up with that. My iPhone had no problem. There have been updates to OS X that have made better and made worse the wireless connectivity over the last few years. I think something recently went back the other way, and I've seen complaints of it regarding the new models. That's frustrating.

Anyway, I had about six hours of sleep after staying up talking to the podcast boys until around midnight. I haven't been sleeping well because of the general work issues and the anxiety that comes with it. Mike and I talked quite a bit about the life of a software developer, and the conditions you seek when doing it for a living. That was good perspective, and we traded stories about things we've encountered.

While I generally feel like I slept pretty well last night (though a nap is certainly in my future), Diana says I yelled out "No!" around 4 a.m. I do remember now that I had a dream that I was working for ABC (the network) to report on some kind of war conflict. It seemed like some kind of tropical location though. Anyway, there was serious danger and I wanted nothing to do with it, so I was getting irate with the boss at the location while dodging bullets. Then someone had taken my phone, wallet and wedding ring, and I suspected a former boss had taken them. No idea how that all connected, but obviously I was still feeling some anxiety about going to a job that I wanted nothing to do with.

In the general sense, I feel pretty good now that I'm finally awake. A lot of it has to do with working Diana's problems, the proximity of our vacation and some of the prospects popping up. I need to give myself some credit in that respect, because I have been working the problems now for a couple of weeks. I feel like I'm getting my shit together after a strange two months or so.

A couple of pharmaceutical reps from GlaxoSmithKline just sat down here. Why do I feel like these guys are the scum of the earth? I've admittedly not spent a lot of time studying the issues surround health care (when you do have good coverage, really, who cares?), but I get the impression that this industry, for all that it does to help people, is also the source of many of its problems.

That's this morning's dose of random.


draegs, November 10, 2008, 7:15 PM #

Visiting the Clinic always leaves me feeling a bit odd. While waiting for my appointment or walking through the halls, I can't help but think about how everyone there is "sick" (or with someone who is). The parking garage is full the cars of people from various states that have all traveled to Cleveland to seek help. If I dwell on it too long, I start to get depressed. I guess instead I should feel happy knowing that this wonderful resource is even available and is so close.

What building (letter) have you guys been frequenting?

Dan, November 10, 2008, 7:29 PM #

My dad works at the Cleveland clinic and he says of always makes him sad when he walks through the children's hospital.

Jeff, November 10, 2008, 8:35 PM #

Building S.

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