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posted by Jeff | Thursday, November 20, 2008, 11:30 PM | comments: 1

We're fortunate that Diana's issues mostly cleared up by Tuesday morning. We started our day early with the Segway tour at Epcot. It turns out that we were the only people registered for the early session. It was just us and the guides. The Segway is incredibly easy to ride. It's like a natural extension of your body. They have them limited to 6 mph, but I'd love to try one opened up! The truth is, I'd love to own one.

After the tour, we spent about four hours at IAAPA. I didn't get to see everyone I would have liked to see, which is a bummer. If you've been to one, you've been to most. One real highlight was what I can only describe as a personal Top Spin for two from Moser Rides. You could control the rotation and braking with a joystick. A Dippin' Dots guy tried to get us selling their product.

We spent the rest of that afternoon at Magic Kingdom and did several major rides. From there we went to Epcot again for dinner. Most of Wednesday was spent at the studios, where "Chompers" the dancer is still in the HSM show. Trying to get to Downtown Disney from most places is a pain in the ass. Fantasmic isn't a very good show. Too much video.

Today we started at Magic Kingdom and did a ton of stuff. There are a ton of classic attractions there, some of which I did for the first time. I swear we find ourselves "kid shopping" out there. Every kid not screaming for attention gets the aren't they cute comments. Grown up moments are largely made at Epcot, but Magic Kingdom is all about family moments.

We ended up at Epcot again for dinner, and made friends while copiloting the monorail again. We did Soarin' again, which is a wonderful and relaxing ride. We also filled in the gaps by seeing the China Circlevision film. We saw the Canadian-Celtic band Off Kilter, which was pretty awesome. We finally saw Illuminations from the midway too.

One bummer is to see all of the holiday prep, but not see the actual event. Diana loves Christmas, in part because she stage managed A Christmas Carol for several years. Speaking of shows, I really liked Fesitval of The Lion King.

That's all for now. Got an early morning ahead!


Neuski, November 21, 2008, 5:04 AM #

I won't bring up the fact that you hated on my Segway gushing after I rode one for the first time. Oops! ;)

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