Movement routine disruption

posted by Jeff | Thursday, October 2, 2014, 9:41 PM | comments: 0

One of the best things about living in Central Florida is the fact that you can pretty much do stuff outside all year, and it's rare that you need more than a light jacket. That said, I've had a pretty awful time prioritizing life in such a way that I'm active, and I'm feeling it.

The good news is that I haven't gained any weight. I'm actually down a few since my binge-eating stressful spring. I'd still like to drop another 20, but in the last two years or so I've been more focused on whether or not I feel fit and not the scale. And lately, I feel slightly crappy and unfit.

I'm up against several things I haven't managed:

  • Since Simon started school, he's out more than 7 hours a day. That means earlier bed time, and that we aren't doing our little boys' nights out at the theme parks. We would easily walk four or five miles on those excursions, probably once a week. It's great bonding time for me and the little man, and we don't have time. Even getting out into the neighborhood after dinner is difficult, with the window between dinner and pajama time an hour at best. And you know, sometimes he just wants to play at home, and I respect that.
  • It's been damn hot and or extra rainy. July and August are a bitch, with high humidity. I'll still take that over being snowbound for three months of the year, but it's gross. Last year I beat this by going to the mall near work once or twice a week to walk around indoors.
  • Speaking of work, I spend more time at it. I'm not killing myself, and I generally top out at 45 hours at most, but some of the problem is that I don't respect boundaries because I'm at home typically three days a week. I start at 8, bring lunch to my desk, and quit a little after 5. I don't have an excuse... I should be making an hour to get out and walk, go to the pool, the gym or something. And when I'm at the office downtown, I have access to this beautiful park around Lake Eola. I've circled it only twice in four months.

I know there's a problem because when we do get out to the parks for a few hours, lately only every other week, I feel it in my feet. I think I'm at a pretty critical age where if I don't use it I'll lose it. It's harder to come back the older you get.


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