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posted by Jeff | Wednesday, May 31, 2006, 3:33 PM | comments: 0

I bought three albums the other day from iTunes. These are their stories.

I've tried not to be seduced by pop music, since so much of it sucks. But a couple of months ago, Xbox Live started this "artist of the month" thing with video downloads in HD. You know I'm an HD whore, so I downloaded it. The first was the song "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. This Brit had the record out in the UK last year, and it was just hitting the states. The song is really positive and cheery, just short of being corny, but the hook was infectious and I was hearing it everywhere (including the airport in Vegas).

I finally did a little research and previewed the other tracks, and liked what I heard. She's a song writer too, which always makes me feel better about a pop singer (that's how I got interested in Michelle Branch and Alanis, among others). So I went for it. It's good stuff. "Unwritten" was totally written for a friend of mine. There's another song called "Silent Movie" that I would love to put in my own movie. It's really above average.

Midival Punditz labels themselves as "Indian Electronica," which is a pretty accurate description. I really dig it because I like the sounds of traditional Indian music and electronic music. It kinda just all adds up. Very spiritual too.

And of course, I got the first Imogen Heap album called I Megaphone. She apparently wrote it when she was 19, and it's very raw with a lot of very edgy textures. Not as polished as Speak For Yourself, but I really dig it. The first track, "Getting Scared," is really good stuff.

Overall, lots of new summer tunes for me.


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