My Canadian girls

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, June 8, 2004, 4:29 PM | comments: 0
Last two drops I got on iTunes were the new albums by Alannis and Avril. Love those Canadian chicks.

I feel like I've grown up at about the same rate as Alannis. Her music is a little less dark and angry than it used to be, but it's certainly a lot more mature. You've probably heard the song "Everything" by now. Nothing mysterious about that song, it's just about people loving and appreciate the whole package, good and bad, of their significant other. That's something you don't get when you're a teenager. It totally reminds me of my marriage, not so much about Steph's faults, but my own. You know it's real when someone puts up with you and loves you even when you've got problems.

The rest of the album is typical of her earlier stuff, only cleaner. She seems to be adding fewer syllables to her words. I dig it.

Avril's second album is just a tad more angry and dark, which you kind of would expect because she's not a young teenager anymore (Michelle Branch, another Canadian, went through the same thing on her second album). Overall it comes off a little more mature than the last album, and they're mostly good songs. The first single is one I think every teenage girl should listen to when it comes to boys.

Some of her comments outside of her music are kind of annoying. She trashed Britney for her choices in wardrobe and such. Come on, Avril, you're more like her than you think. Her fans might be selling out to Aberblondie & Bitch, but your fans are selling out to Hot Topic. Lay off the punk integrity a little bit, because it's cheesy. Be strong, be yourself, but don't play into that.

Speaking of Michelle Branch, she dissed Jewel in Maxim a couple of months ago (ironic considering the skin Michelle was showing). She complained that Jewel was getting too far away from what she was about, and said the same for Liz Phaire. That's a comment only an early 20-something would say, because by the time you finish your twenties, you realize that your tastes, actions, belief system, etc., are constantly changing.

Anyway, I love my Canadian girl singers.


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