My decaffeination

posted by Jeff | Sunday, September 22, 2013, 7:19 PM | comments: 0

At some point around the time I moved, I decided to ditch caffeine, to a degree at least. When I bought some basic supplies for the hotel I was staying in prior to landing a rental, I chose Sprite, because it didn't look like Coke, and of course didn't have the caffeine. Mostly, I just knew that it would already be hard sleeping alone in the hotel for a week, starting a job, and stressing over landing a place to live, and the last thing I needed was one more thing to keep me up.

Once we were moved in, I decided to stick with it. The interesting thing is that it wasn't the sugar I was attracted to, it was definitely the caffeine. I still keep some Sprite in the house, but I've resorted to the smaller 1.25 litre bottles, because I don't drink the 2's fast enough before they go flat. Less soda is less needless calories.

I still jump in and have a Coke now and then, mostly when we eat out, but overall my soda intake is way down. I really didn't drink all that much before (the typical 2 litre would last around 8 days), but I figure it's an easy way to knock off something I don't need. I have to admit that I've hit the can (the Cherry Coke can) a few times at work, too, on mornings where I needed the drug. I can't stand coffee.


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