My first Father's Day

posted by Jeff | Sunday, June 20, 2010, 2:45 PM | comments: 0

It's hard not to know that today is Father's Day, what with the Facebook wishes appearing in force this morning. (Memo to those of you back east: Diana wanted to be first, so keep that time difference in mind. :))

I admit that I kind of poo-poo the idea because it feels like another greeting card holiday, and I strongly dislike those, but it doesn't mean that I don't fully embrace fatherhood. In fact, I don't need a special day really, because every single day is pretty special. Simon is pretty much the coolest thing ever, and I can't tell you how often Diana and I stand there over his smiling face and say something like, "Holy crap, we made him."

It's pretty weird to think that there was a time before Simon. It seems like he's been with us forever, but in really it has only been three and a half months. It's remarkable to see how fast he's growing up, how fast he develops, and how much of a personality he has. I don't ever take for granted that he's little and in this interesting stage, because I know he'll be going to school before you know it, and riding roller coasters.

I don't feel like daily life has really changed all that much, since I still spend weekdays going to work (Diana can tell you a very different story), but what I can say is that the bigger picture of my life has a lot more focus because of Simon. A lot of little things I may have spent time thinking about before simply drop off the radar, because there's something new on the importance scale that's so much higher.

Every day is better when I get to see my little guy. And the unexpected thing is that having him actually makes my relationship with Diana exponentially better, because he forces us to over-communicate and act as a team.

So I might not be a fan of the holiday, but I'm a big fan of being a daddy. That's something I celebrate every single day. How can you not when you have the world's cutest kid?


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