My miserable little guy

posted by Jeff | Monday, June 21, 2010, 7:12 PM | comments: 1

Ugh, it's just brutal to see Simon right now. The teething is in full swing now, and the worst thing about it is that it interferes with his favorite thing to do, eat.

When I got home, I passed Diana walking around the apartments with him in the Bjorn, and it was his first opportunity to be calm since he got up. He was unhappy, but not crying as long as you picked him up. I gave him a bath, and he actually did pretty well in there. He's so amused with splashing, and he loves his mini-spa treatment. Bath time is my favorite. He started to melt down a bit when I got him in his pajamas.

It was the feeding that was really hard. He gets some sucking in, then starts to hurt and get frustrated. The crying is so intense. It takes so much love and encouragement to get him through the whole bottle. He made it almost to the end of the bottle. My little champ!

Going to bed was hard as well. I don't think he was hurting as much as he just wanted the comfort of being with mom or dad. It's funny how even when he's a baby going through something intense with you, you bond more strongly. He's so happy a lot of the time now, so I hope that'll help offset his temporary misery.


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