My Orlando Code Camp talk was about... what else?

posted by Jeff | Sunday, March 3, 2024, 8:33 PM | comments: 0

Last weekend I spoke at Orlando Code Camp for the eighth time, which is to say every year since I've lived here outside of the pandemic. Every year, I wonder what it is that I can talk about, seeing as how I'm not really writing code all that regularly. But naturally, I spent all kinds of time in the last year experimenting with lighting control protocols, so that bubbled up on the list pretty quickly.

I feel pressure for this sort of thing, because most years I've presented stuff that filled the room, and some years even had standing room only. I had one stander this time, which I consider a success in terms of topic selection. It went pretty well, I think, and part of the reason for that I suspect is because it's neat to have code drive physical movement in meatspace.

I can't explain why I do this stuff, other than the idea that it reminds me a lot of doing radio. It's not really for the "likes," I think that it's a way to share enthusiasm for something. There's a fair amount of prep work for these, and you don't usually get paid (larger, regional events will generally pay for a hotel room). It might partly be out of obligation, because I learned all the things from others. I should return the favor, though I'm not sure that this particular knowledge would be useful for any normal situation.

The code from the talk is on the Github, and I did a video version from home in advance for the YouTube.


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