My politics don't fit into neat little boxes

posted by Jeff | Monday, February 17, 2014, 11:30 PM | comments: 0

There was a discussion about labor, unions, wages and such on CoasterBuzz today, where I made some fairly vague generalizations about where unions get it wrong, and it's hard for me to identify with people trying to negotiate higher wages for unskilled work. I don't think unions are inherently bad, and I don't believe people should be exploited, but I don't care much for the victim mentality either when it comes to low-wage, part-time jobs.

That comes off as somewhat of a right-wing dickhead stance, right? I think my reasoning is somewhat sound, in that the simple market forces of supply and demand have a lot to do with the wage dynamic, and not just "greedy" multinational corporations trying to exploit the little people. Interfering with that can mean disaster. Just ask Detroit how that worked out. To me it isn't an issue of what's "fair," it's an issue of the choices people make and the macroeconomics of the world's economy. Roll in countless factors of culture and comfort, and it's complicated.

Not surprisingly, this is probably incompatible with my take on a whole range of other issues. Same-sex marriage? Go for it. Legalize weed? I'm coming around to the idea (and I've never even touched the stuff). Single-payer health care system? I'd love to try that out. Heck, socialism has worked out really well for me, given the roads I drive on and the school my child attends. Stronger environmental regulations? Go for it. Oh, but more nuclear power, please, based on new technology, not reactor designs from 1970. There isn't much "right" in those beliefs.

This is probably why I'm so disenchanted with the asshats that run for office. The truth is, I don't need anyone to adhere to a platform, especially if it's mostly predicated on being the opposite of the competition. As it turns out, the world is full of nuance and gray areas, and some things just aren't that simple. Hard things require hard work to find solutions. Let's try that on and see how it fits.


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