My smart little boy is at risk

posted by Jeff | Thursday, October 18, 2018, 6:38 PM | comments: 1

Third grade is a fairly awful time, we're learning, and it's especially difficult for Simon. This is the year that they start doing all of the ridiculous testing. To say that it's not good for a kid with ASD and ADHD is an understatement.

What I'm seeing right now, just from the homework angle, is that he's spent by the time he gets home. For basic math, he's not receptive to problem solving strategies, and outright memorization of facts is beyond him. But I've seen where he gets it, and I know that some of the time he gets it. Reading comprehension seems to be more of a bona fide problem, but again, it seems to depend on the circumstances. When it's morning on a weekend, doing the online lessons, he seems to get it, but forget it after school.

I'm often astounded at his ability to get how mechanical things work, and he can soak up and understand spacial relationships all day long. He can recite book passages when it's something he's interested in, and as I mentioned, math is no problem if he's in the right spot. My perception is that he's a brilliant kid when the learning method works for him. He also gets tutoring, which probably contributes to his exhaustion. His self-esteem is hurting a bit, because he thinks tutoring means he's stupid, and the homework situation aggravates this. But the testing could hold him back a year, which I think would screw him up long-term.

I give his teacher all the credit in the world, because I think she's generally trying very hard to reach him in his way, but I worry every day that "the system" is not built to measure him in the right way, even if it is intended to accommodate him the rest of the time. I don't know what I can do about that, and it stresses me out.



October 19, 2018, 5:44 AM #

Jeff, I have enjoyed reading your blog occasionally the last couple of years as my wife & I are also parents of a son, age 12 with ASD. We chose to home-school Ethan until this school year. We supplemented the one on one he got from my wife with speech & occ. therapy as well as numerous group activities because we all know that the critics of home-schooling speak of "lack of socialization". We now live in Sandusky and have found a school that specifically serves the Autism community, Haugland Learning Center. We are very pleased with them, Ethan is in a class with 3 other students with 2 teachers that are great. Most of all, he is happy!I just want to say hang in there and don't let the stress fester too much. And don't let the critics on Pointbuzz get you down. I trust you and your wife will navigate your way with Simon and his future.
Jim Schoger

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