My turn with Barfy Barferton

posted by Jeff | Friday, May 6, 2011, 10:01 PM | comments: 0

Simon had a tough day, and was super needy. Diana said he pretty much wanted constant attention. His nose has been running like a faucet too. After bath time tonight, he was content to just sit next to me and watch TV. No playing at all. Poor little guy! When we put him down for bed, he was clearly tired, but didn't want to be alone, so I rocked with him for about 15 minutes.

Again he had the awful cough, and the snot was pooling in his chest and/or stomach. This time, he barfed on me though. He seemed to feel much better after that, and even gave us a few smiles, but the poor kid isn't getting any regular or decent sleep. Neither did Diana all week, for that matter.

I had "the tickle" from the time that I got up, and I noticed this afternoon at my desk that I was feeling suboptimal as well. I've been sneezy and snotty with a sore throat this evening, but no fever, so I'm hoping for me it's just the typical cold symptoms. I was hoping my adult immunity would help me fend it off, but no such luck.

I still consider us lucky overall, because I know some people who seem to have a sick kid year-round. It's definitely no fun though, even for this (hopefully) short period of time.


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