National bid allocation posted

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USA Volleyball posted the bid allocation for this year. This is how I explained it to my kids and parents...

There are three tournaments: National Open, National Club and American Club. The National Open tourney has only 28 bids, and to get one, you need to compete in the open division of a qualifier. With only 28 teams making the cut in the entire country, that's why we don't play in the open division at Baltimore.

Each of the club tournaments have 39 bids allocated to the various regions. Each region gets one bid for the National Club tournament, while the 39 bids for the American Club tournament are divided up according to region size. Small regions don't get any American bids. Ohio Valley Region (OVR) is the largest region, so we get four. Nine more bids for each tournament are spread out at the qualifiers (Baltimore, Indy, etc.) for a tournament size of 48 teams in each (that's 96 bids total between National Club and American Club).

To clear it up... the bid tourney in Columbus will have 1 National Club and 4 American Club bids. The tournament will have a maximum of 24 teams (there were 22 last year). We would need to finish top-5 to get a bid. Last year in Baltimore in the 17 club division (the division we're registered for), there was one National Club and one American Club bid for around 70 teams.

So how did OVR teams do last year? OVR was well-represented with 8 17's teams...

National Open (28 teams):
Team Z 17-1: 10th place
Cincy Classics 17-1: 15th

National Club (48 teams):
CVC Black: 13th place

American Club (48 teams):
Premier: 1st place
Dayton Jrs.: 5th
Team Z 17-2: 13th
Cincy Classics 17 Black: 17th
TVC 17-1: 26th


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