New Garbage album, April 12

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, January 11, 2005, 10:36 PM | comments: 0

Finally! Garbage is releasing a new album on April 12. The name of it is "Bleed Like Me" and it will have 11 tracks.

Understand that Garbage is probably the only band in ten years that I still like after, well, ten years. Even my high school/college Def Leppard obsession didn't last that long. Reading Shirley's blog, it sounds like they're really happy with the record, which has to be a first for them. Between her blog and comments they've made to the press over the years, they sound like endless tweakers that can't just let go of a recording and put it out into the world (huh... that's a lot like writing software). If they like it, that has to be good.

With three albums so far, I've liked every one. Each was just different enough to be interesting, without being something totally different. Honestly, I have no idea what to expect this time around, and regardless of my expectations, I can't imagine I'd be let down. More importantly, if they tour, I will travel to see them this time. I can't go four years at a time without getting to see them. They kick an amazing quantity of ass for a bunch of old farts and a tiny little Scottish woman.

Good things have happened to coincide with Garbage records...
1995 "Garbage": My first radio job, saw them in a tiny club.
1998 "Version 2.0": Finally realized the Internet would set me free, started to make the move to programmer from broadcast tool.
2001 "Beautiful Garbage": Changed jobs, bought a house (though that year went to hell in the fall, as it did for many people).

I'm feeling good about 2005!


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