New MacBook Air is drool-worthy

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 8:06 PM | comments: 0

After all of the "meh" that Apple has announced, finally, something that really tickles my techie naughty bits today. The new MacBook Air makes skinny the new hotness, in the first computer of this class that's actually functional and useful for something beyond reading e-mail and viewing porn.

The appeal for me is that it would be ultimately useful in travel situations. I love my 17" MacBook Pro, and it has managed to visit 20 states, but it's a pain in the ass to carry around long distances. This has become even more apparent when toting baby gear. I long for something small and light, without being too underpowered to do any real work. The new Air models fit that, and relatively speaking they're surprisingly inexpensive.

But the thing is, in addition to my 17", I've got a 13" MBP coming to me at work any day now (yes, Microsoft isn't above using Macs, seeing as how we make Office for them and they run Windows exceptionally well), so I probably don't need three laptops in my life. Those are a known quantity, since Diana has one, so I'll roll with that for awhile and see how it suits me. One of the other guys already has one, and my officemate has one coming with mine.

It seems like there's always another toy.


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