New Parallels Desktop for Mac... coherence final and awesome!

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, February 28, 2007, 12:46 PM | comments: 0

A little over a year ago, the day that Apple announced BootCamp for the Intel-based Macs, I left work at lunch and went to the Apple store to buy a MacBook Pro. I could finally enjoy the wonders of Final Cut Pro and HD editing with more than enough power for Windows-based development.

That was only a half-way step though, and when Parallels released their product shortly thereafter, the game was changed. Big time. No more rebooting, and I was able to do my Visual Studio stuff right there in a virtual machine. However, even this arrangement made me feel a little dirty, being a big fan of OS X.

Well, with the new release of Parallels, I won't feel dirty anymore. Through a feature called coherence, once you boot that virtual machine, all your stuff can run in a window on the OS X desktop, with a dock icon. Even the start menu can be reached from the dock. Seeing as how Mac users tend to be more window driven anyway, it's nice to not have things obscured by the Windows desktop. And that makes things like Expose work better too. F10, and you see every window, including Windows windows, tiled on screen. Sweet.

Check out the video...


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