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posted by Jeff | Friday, November 9, 2012, 10:37 PM | comments: 0

Our two year contract with AT&T has been up for awhile now, and we've been eligible for upgrades since July. We've been holding out for the new crop of Windows Phones, and they're finally hitting the streets (and apparently some are even hard to find). Diana was fairly adamant about sticking with WP, and I'm somewhat of a fan as well.

I got the Lumia 920 (I'll write a real review eventually), and I'm shocked at the amount of awesome in it. It's a tank... kinda heavy and big, but the screen is the best I've seen on any phone, and the photos are unreal. The tweaks to the OS are many, and of course everything is more fluid because it's one of these insane dual-core CPU's and whatever. It's nice to be on a 4G network, too.

Diana decided to go for the smaller and lighter 820. I kind of wrote it off as the budget phone, but it's pretty awesome as well. The camera performance in it is still pretty good, and everything feels just as fast and fluid.

What I still love most about the platform is that you enter your Facebook and Gmail accounts, and everything is synced up and ready to go. I had all of my contacts on the new phone before I even left the store. And yeah, it has always been that way, since WP7 launched two years ago. The Mac sync app is a lot more reliable, too, though it's mostly for syncing your iTunes playlists.

It's nice to get new hardware. I know a lot of people don't like to wait, and upgrade more frequently, but I'm surprisingly not that proactive when it comes to phones. We got great deals on these, as both were $50. Mine was normally $100, but since they didn't have the inductive charging plates in stock, they knocked $50 off. I probably won't even bother getting one.

Will write more after some quality time with the phone.


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