Nick and Norah: very cute movie

posted by Jeff | Friday, February 13, 2009, 11:27 PM | comments: 0

When I picked up Zack and Miri last week, I also picked up Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. We watched it tonight. Loved it.

Michael Cera's nerdy high school kid thing is fairly endearing, I'll admit it. He's so non-threatening in almost every way, and it allows him to deliver sarcasm and wit with the most hilarious timing. I just hope he can figure something else out, because he can't live on that act forever.

I was most interested in seeing what Kat Dennings was all about. She had arguably one of the more special moments in 40-Year-Old Virgin (not that it was a high bar to reach), and I wondered if she could help carry a film. She absolutely can. She too is quite the charmer. She comes off very real and down to earth on screen. I suspect she could have a pretty serious career ahead of her.

Strange cameos by Seth Myers and Andy Samberg aside, the story is very much a mix of high school fantasy adventure the more realistic kinds of moments. Like people talk a big sex game but often aren't having any, and when you have moments, they're totally awkward and funny. There's a certain innocence to much of it that I really think of fondly.

Most people probably wouldn't be into it as much as I was, but I loved it. Diana was all about the many New York locations, where she spent a great deal of time for three years.


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