Nine months of retired baby stuff

posted by Jeff | Sunday, December 5, 2010, 1:16 PM | comments: 0

Simon is nine months today. Hard to believe! He's such a giant. Instead of a warm-fuzzy retrospective, I thought I'd write about all of the stuff he no longer needs. A friend at work is expecting, and he often asks if he needs this or that. What I find funny isn't whether or not you need something, but rather how long you need it.

The bassinet was toast after a month. We got Simon into his proper crib pretty quickly. His hangy jumpy bungee thing was something he got to use maybe two or three times. I don't even have to tell you how many clothes lasted a month or so at most.

We're retiring his swing already. Since we moved, I think he used it two or three times, and we realized that he didn't really need it anymore before bed. Plus, he was starting to try and lean out of it now that his mobility is much improved. He never actually slept in it, except maybe once or twice.

Diana packed up his Miracle Blanket today, the thing we used to burrito him in for bed. That was a lifesaver. For a long time, he couldn't sleep without it. Now we look at it, and I can't believe he ever fit inside of it. These days, he sleeps in a sleep sack, which allows him free arm movement, but keeps him covered and warm no matter how much he squirms around.

We haven't cycled through many toys, though we do intend to limit the number that he has. Some stuff isn't useful anymore, like the play thing he used to lie under (he prefers to sit up).

We've been through a few carriers already, partly for comfort issues for the parent, partly because of his size. I really liked the Baby Bjorn, but he's way over the weight limit now for it.

Fortunately, Diana is very proactive about getting retired stuff into consignment, so we're not bleeding ourselves dry on baby stuff. I think overall we've been fairly low maintenance in terms of "equipment" for Simon. There are products for everything, but for the most part we haven't bought that much of it.


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