Nine years with Red Delicious

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 11:42 AM | comments: 0

Today is the ninth anniversary of my first date with Diana. I have it on my calendar. I'm not sure why, but to for me this is the day that I most associate with what would be one of the most extraordinary changes in my life. Our wedding, while important and amazing, signified a transition to be sure, but the day we met was a pivot point.

I remember sitting in that bar, outside, while the Cavs were playing in the background. Diana was lovely (and finally I got to date a redhead), and she was exactly the kind of positive nerdy type that I dig. She was passionate about certain things and had interesting experiences. I wouldn't describe it as love at first sight (because really, that sort of thing is really just horny at first site), but there was a feeling like this was someone I should have connected with sooner.

I still like to joke that it almost didn't last, because according to Diana's BFF in Cleveland, she needed convincing to give me a chance. Diana says it wasn't like that. The first few dates were fun, but I certainly didn't know what I was doing. Fortunately, my hot tub and a trip to a wine festival helped, as did the local Irish festival and a Cedar Point trip. Our early dates were mini-adventures. Then we would have weekly dates, mostly at her house during the week, where she would kick me out so she could get up early in the morning. Weekends were more fun. She moved in less than six months after that first date.

One of the most striking things about this anniversary is that it just doesn't seem that long ago. I remember that first date so vividly. It's the miles in between that make it seem so staggeringly impossible to reconcile (five moves, one child, six significant jobs, lots of airline miles, many roller coasters). I could not have imagined anything we've done so far, so I don't know what to expect going forward. That's pretty exciting, actually. I think that, together, we've managed to build a relationship where we're free to pursue the things that we want, when we want. That has led to the spontaneous ordering of a house, big moves (one mistake, one slam dunk), job changes, solid parenting choices, etc. We're pretty good at making big decisions together, and most of the time we get it right.

It feels like there's another transition that we're going to make, but I don't know what it is. Maybe it's professional, for one or both of us. Maybe it's the realization of some larger calling. Maybe it's just trying to figure out how to keep Simon busy, engaged and social over the summer. I don't know, but like I said, it's an adventure that I look forward to.

Here's to many more happy years, reddelicious! I love you and can't wait to see what we do next!


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