Not terrible pandemic memories

posted by Jeff | Friday, January 27, 2023, 7:33 PM | comments: 0

If you read my nonsense here, then you know that I do annual playlists. My 2020 playlist is playing right now, as we mull around the kitchen eating, cleaning, browsing and doing vision therapy (at least, Simon is). Here's the weird thing... the memories around these songs aren't terrible.

The pandemic meant that we necessarily spent a fair amount of time not around others. It's frustrating that more than a million Americans died anyway, but we did our best to do our part. On Friday nights, we would typically watch Suzy & Alex, a duo we saw on a cruise a year prior, doing live streams performing from the UK. The time difference was perfect because they started before I even ended work. Then we would listen to our playlist, with the windows all open, making beverages, dinner and generally ending with a walk through the neighborhood.

Yes, the lack of in-person contact with others sucked. But despite this, it seems like we over compensated for the isolation with more in-house activity, and that wasn't terrible.

The coronavirus pandemic was a pretty terrible, global event. In retrospect, one of the frustrating things is that we didn't learn much from it. Our healthcare system is as terrible as ever, and more expensive than ever, we still lost a million plus citizens in our country alone, and we're doing nothing to prepare for the next pandemic. But despite all of that, I feel like we had a great opportunity to really take a hard look at our lives, how we were living them, and evaluate what was really important.


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