Obligation-free weekend

posted by Jeff | Friday, September 16, 2005, 10:23 PM | comments: 0

Well this feels weird. I have nothing that I absolute have to do this weekend. I mean, yeah, my various projects, but nothing is "scheduled" at all.

Our volleyball tri-match was rescheduled because the other school screwed up, so I won't see the kids. (Oddly enough I think I'm going to see my former middle play with her high school team in the morning.)

What I think I'm going to do is try to work on my next Web site as much as I can. I saw some stuff this week related to the subject that gets me pretty excited about it. Whether or not I actually will do the work I don't know, but I have good intentions.

If I just want to do nothing, it'll probably be DVD's and napping, but hey, people need that now and then too. :)


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