On the levothyroxine

posted by Jeff | Monday, August 16, 2021, 9:54 PM | comments: 0

A few days into taking levothyroxine for the subclinical hypothyroidism has been super weird, to say the least. The first morning, I was hungry in a way that I can't recently recall within about two hours. We were at Animal Kingdom for one last outing before school started, and I had about half of a cinnamon roll. To say that I was super alert would be an understatement. By 11, I crashed super hard, to the point I was contemplating going back to the car for a nap. I was fine once I had lunch. Sure, the pastry is pretty much all sugar, but I'm not used to feeling anything like that.

The second day was similar, but the swings weren't so extreme. Today, the third day, it was tough to get to 11 before eating, but I was only a little tired after lunch. I actually powered through some writing for work in the late afternoon. Maybe tomorrow will feel more normal. If the morning hunger persists, I may have to figure out if I can start eating breakfast again, which I mostly stopped doing late in 2019.

In the mean time, I've been reading more about the science and downstream effects, specifically around metabolism and cholesterol. Looking at my weight and previous labs, I wonder if things started to change over the course of 2018, because that's when both started drifting upward without any specific behavior changes that I can nail down. I blame emotional eating on some of it late last year, but I'm starting to learn that it may be oversimplifying things to blame it on one thing or another.

While I'm getting comfortable with what the treatment is and its potential, I'd be lying if I said this hasn't head-spiraled me into a world of ideas about might end me prematurely. I mean, I wake up with a slightly sore throat (because that's next to my thyroid), and I wonder if it's throat cancer. It's absurdly fatalistic, but it just seems like the universe's way of fucking with me now that I'm starting to really work through my shit and be content in ways I had not previously known. And yeah, I'm the guy who thinks fate is bullshit.

Anyway, the stuff doesn't work in one day for most people, so off we go.


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