One more scary and uncomfortable thing behind us

posted by Jeff | Monday, March 29, 2021, 11:15 PM | comments: 0

Diana had surgery on her other foot today to repair or remove a nerve wrapped in benign tissue that was making it painful for her to walk. I don't entirely understand the science, I just know that being on her feet, especially without shoes, hasn't been going well for months. The surgery went pretty fast, about a half-hour or so, and she's home and resting.

Certainly this is scary and difficult for her, but I've largely pretended to be Zen about it, because that's what you do when your life partner is experiencing something scary and difficult. I feel like we've had more than our share of these kinds of things (including immediate family and friends), so I'm hoping that's it for awhile. We've got an ongoing series of important decisions to make in the next two months, then boom, hopefully we can resume the party.

I generally resist finding patterns where there is only coincidence, and I loathe when people say "everything happens for a reason," to suggest that it's some cosmic process and not a series of obvious and real reasons. But the four-year cycle of awesome things is once again due this year. 2017 was the big move to our current house, 2013 was the move to Florida, 2009 (and change) was getting married, moving to Seattle and procreating (that was a bit much for one year), 2005 was my forced life reboot. 2021 has enormous potential, as long as a few things continue on their current path.

It sounds like Diana's recovery should be pretty smooth and not take months the way that it did when they had to reconstruct her other foot with the bone cutting and screws and what not. That's good, because we are both fully vaccinated with waiting period as of April 28, and hopefully the rest of the adults get their shit together so we can beat this thing. I think we're all due for a solid year.


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