One of those days

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 9:50 PM | comments: 0

Liz and I had "one of those days" today in practice. Our quest for culture change is one that hits snags now and then, and today we had snags.

Her team has girls who are hardcore, girls who want to learn but are easily frustrated, and a few that we just don't know. My team has some kids that talk a good game but don't have actions that match the talk. That leads to some really frustrated coaches.

That's still the toughest thing about coaching, that when you have a bad day, you don't really have anyone to pick you up, other than each other. We don't even think that our expectations are set all that high. Certainly a lot of high schools are a lot more nuts than we are.

Ugh... just one of those days. Gotta keep reminding ourselves that 95% of the time it's fun!


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