Online tech news is becoming like cable "news"

posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 24, 2014, 11:06 PM | comments: 0

I'm sure some people can remember when CNN was the only news on cable TV, and it was... wait for it... filled with news. Then Fox came around with something they called news, but it was really just slanted punditry and hot air, then MSNBC went that way, and CNN isn't far behind. There is still some fact reporting, but it feels like 95% of it is nonsense. All of a sudden they used their 24 hours for crap.

I'm a little worried that technology news on the Internet is starting to go this way. If they can't engage in enough journalism in a day, they just start to offer "analysis" (read: bullshit devoid of any value) to make sure they get page views. That makes me and my totally non-used journalism degree sad.

I remember many years ago when CNet was this huge pile of awesome that reported on everything. It was really fantastic. Later, after it was acquired by CBS, it completely went down hill. Now, every once in awhile, even the sites that are hardcore and reliable in my feed slip a little.

Still, as much as people like to shout, "the media!" I still tend to believe that we get what we deserve. As critical as people are of media outlets, I don't think it's a chicken-and-egg thing, as the audiences are there, and the crap is apparently what they want.


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