Only two weeks to go, to grow

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 12:47 AM | comments: 0

I realized today that I go to Seattle in two weeks, and my weekends are pretty much shot with the two CoasterBuzz events. Factor in other appointments and what not, and I've really only got six days to lock down the things on my self-imposed agenda prior to the interview. That's not much time.

Diana and my various friends believe that I'm probably putting way too much pressure on myself, and they're probably right. While the stress of the self-imposed pressure isn't fun, it is kind of a rush to feel this invigorated by even the prospect of a new job. In talking to a friend about such career matters this evening, I've come to realize that it has been a long time since I was truly challenged by anyone other than myself.

I've noticed that there is a subset of people in creative and programming careers (and programming is arguably a creative endeavor) that get much of their satisfaction from personal growth. I'm definitely one of them. I've met people who learned something 30 years ago and are perfectly content to just keep doing what they know, but that's so not me. How could you not be bored out of your mind?

That's definitely where I get geeked about this gig. The potential to get better at what I do, whether it be with regards to software development or leadership or any of the things that turn me on, is what makes me so nutty about it.


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