Operation kitteh co-lo and girlfriend kitchen assimilation

posted by Jeff | Sunday, December 30, 2007, 11:41 PM | comments: 0

Well, we're about 48 hours into our co-habitation, and so far things are going pretty well (not that one would need an update every other day). The cats are for the most part behaving and not pissing off each other too much. Cosmo isn't very easy to read in that respect. She seems to do her normal things, sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor or up on "her" love seat.

Emma, Gideon and Oliver seem to be enough at ease now that they'll hang out, though Gideon won't eat his own food and seems to be sleeping a lot. Surprisingly, Emma and Cosmo mostly just avoid each other. The new cats seem to have claimed our bedroom, but I think that's because they want to be close to their mommy. I'm sure that annoys Cosmo, but she tends to still rule the downstairs.

Diana has performed a massive reorganization of the kitchen. I'm now living with a foodie who loves her kitchen appliances and making stuff. That's good for me (see previous post and bread), provided I learn to control myself and not eat mass quantities of everything she makes. The kitchen feels a hundred times more functional now, and I like that. I want her to feel like it's her domain. The only thing we can't totally agree on is where to put the towels.

The only real adjustment issue I'm having is the fact that when she's doing all of this domestic stuff, I feel like I should be doing something other than playing video games or writing code. It's like there's some guilty programming inside that says I can't let her do the domestic things she enjoys without me doing them too. I can't fully explain where that comes from.

But the smell of bread still hangs in the air, and it is good. The house has a feeling of vibrancy it hasn't had in awhile (which might be because there's always a cat nearby looking at you). It's a pretty good feeling to be moving forward like this.


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