Opportunity is a knockin'

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, November 18, 2003, 1:01 AM | comments: 1
I'm almost a little disturbed at how positive I've been lately, and I often stop and wonder if I'm not over-compensating for something.

But the truth is that there's just so much to be thankful for and be excited about. Every morning I get to wake up to this amazing woman for one thing. I guess not having to go to a day job I start to appreciate more all of the things she does. School, friends, mother to the cats, puts up with my bastardishness... that's a lot of work!

I'm going to Orlando for a few days. Had I known I wouldn't be working, I think we would've stayed a few more days, but I'll take it anyway. In three nights we've got two days at the Universal parks (staying on-property), Medieval Times, hot tubs, beers and many good times.

I got all of the kids I wanted for my volleyball team, save for the second-string D.S., which is easily replaced by another one. Actually, I'm waiting to hear from one of the middles, but if she bugs out there's another one that got cut from another club (for totally illogical reasons) who happens to be 5'11" and is a total animal on the net. I can't lose.

Still waiting to hear back from a company I've been interviewing with about a third and final interview, but if that all works out I'm looking at some serious cash, serious benefits and hopefully very satisfying work. It's a gig that, for the first time in ages, sounds like something I might enjoy even if it's not working for myself.

I'm writing a book proposal and two chapters to shop around to publishers. The subject is kind of a "technique" book for ASP.NET, something for the kids who are transitioning from other platforms or not familiar with the really powerful stuff the platform has to offer. I don't know what it might pay, but who cares. If I sell the book I'm a fucking author and using my degree for something. Aside from a few freelance articles in trade rags, I'd get paid to write again.

I guess when I add it all up there's a lot to be positive about. The fact that just two weekends ago we had an insanely bad weekend with a lot of misery makes all of this stuff that much more exciting. Life throws some good stuff at you from time to time. The rest of it you have to make happen.

Florida sunshine, here I come...



November 19, 2003, 1:46 PM # Yeah, we women get a raw deal. Society expects us to do everything! ;)

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