Ordered a new Xbox

posted by Jeff | Friday, December 17, 2010, 12:12 AM | comments: 0

I think I've got the "buy something" urge out of my system. I ordered one of the shiny new Xbox units. Why when I already have an Xbox?

  • I've had it for five years, which is an awesome run, but that means it has one of those original tiny 20 gig hard drives. Downloadable games keep getting bigger, and loading disc games onto the drive makes them sooooo much faster. We're out of room!
  • Upgrade drives, even with the discount, are too expensive for what they are.
  • The noise and the heat. The old model gets hot, and it's already sitting in a crowded space. The fan noise also sounds like a jet, which is annoying when watching movies (it gets some solid Netflix action), and in the new place, the high ceiling makes it worse.
  • New model can power the Kinect without a power supply.
  • You can never have too many controllers (except when "You are the controller!").
  • The bundle comes with Forza and Alan Wake.
  • Built-in WiFi. That's yet another wire eliminated.
  • Two words: Employee discount. It's stupid cheap.

I've kind of rediscovered that gaming is a nice release, and I'd like to do it more. And yes, I have Dance Central, hoping it's as fun as DDR (even if you look even dumber playing it). Diana is getting into Xbox Live as well. She has over 1,600 gamer points. Bottom line, we'll use it like crazy, I can afford it, and it's shiny.


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