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posted by Jeff | Monday, February 28, 2005, 12:13 AM | comments: 7

Thank God that The Aviator pretty much got snubbed everywhere that counts, except for Cate Blanchett for supporting actress (and she kicks ass, so it's OK).

I don't have a problem with Million Dollar Baby getting props, because given the people involved, I can't imagine it would suck. I think the important thing was that Jamie Foxx won best actor, and really, all else is right with the world.

Fashion was interesting this year, because being classically glamorous is back in style. Anorexia is out and curvy, real women are in, thank God. I don't know anything about the film she was in, but did you see Catalina Sandino Moreno? My God was she stunning. Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson and Kate Winslet also scored for curvy girls. Actually, the most beautiful woman there was sitting next to a guy nominated for best short film. She was Indian, wearing traditional clothes, absolutely beautiful.

While generally not my type in terms of overall package, Kirsten Dunst is so cute you could squeeze her, and she looked great with the uber-blonde bob and black dress. I'll never understand why I like her so much. It's also hard not to give Halle Berry a nod just for being so damn hot all of the time.

The thing that gets me the most about the Oscars is that the show makes me want to make a film. I had the same problem last year, and I wrote a mediocre screenplay.


freeze, February 28, 2005, 4:33 PM #

I hope you gave Halle Berry a nod for being hot and not for Catwoman.

How could you forget Chris Rock? His opening was killer. You got to give him some dap. I just know in some weird Pizzie way, you didn't like it.

Neuski, February 28, 2005, 4:47 PM #

What are you talking about, freeze? Catwoman got a huge nod.

freeze, February 28, 2005, 4:52 PM #

OK, Nueski, uh I mean, Neuski.

Neuski, February 28, 2005, 6:10 PM #

I don't get it?

Stephanie, February 28, 2005, 7:13 PM #

Chris Rock was pretty good considering the parameters he had to work under as the host. I might even venture to say he's better than most hosts.

However, compared to his stand up (which is outstanding and hilarious), his opening to the Oscars was just okay.

freeze, February 28, 2005, 8:09 PM #

But Steph, you have to give him some dap!!!

Neuski, you forgetful SOB...

Neuski, February 28, 2005, 9:08 PM #

I appologize Mr. Ass. ;-)

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