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posted by Jeff | Monday, March 6, 2006, 12:03 AM | comments: 1

John Stewart is hilarious. I don't know that award shows are his thing though, at least not when they're going to be all serious.

It's weird how many movies this year I didn't even know existed. Rachel Weisz (holy crap is she pregnant!) won best supporting actress and I didn't even know that her movie came out. Then there were others that I knew about, but never really made the effort to see. Munich, Goodnight and Goodluck and Syriana are all movies I wanted to see, but never did.

It was good to see the March of the Penguins guys get recognized. I still haven't seen it (it's sitting right here in front of me), but documentary films just generally don't get the love I think they deserve.

In terms of fashion, Nicole Kidman was stunning. After years of being too thin or otherwise skanky, she was curvy and beautiful. Good for her. Keira Knightley sure looked amazing. Salma Hayek gets more amazing with age. Jennifer Garner... two words... mommy boobs. The dudes had no fashion sense at all, save for Ben Stiller's chromakey suit.

Reese Witherspoon winning best actress is a big deal to me because she's representative of "my" generation of actors, and many of them have so much class. It's very exciting to see this transition to "young Hollywood."

So much for a Brokeback Mountain sweep. I didn't even know Crash was on the radar, and it won.

The movies I cared most about got no significant love. Elizabethtown was ignored, King Kong only noticed for visual effects.

I can't wait to make my movie. :)


Neuski, March 6, 2006, 6:48 AM #

Crash deserved what it got. It was, as my friends say, clutch.

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