Our budding conversationalist

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, February 4, 2014, 10:59 PM | comments: 0

Obviously one of the most frustrating things about having a child with speech delays is that communication is so difficult. Around the time we moved to Florida, it was great to hear that Simon was using more words, but communication was still largely in one direction, from us to him. You couldn't really talk with him, it was more at him.

Fast forward to today, and we're finally having conversations with Simon. He will answer questions about school and what he did today. He'll tell you in excruciating detail about the things he wants to do. (Today it was, "We have to go to Magic Kingdom and get ice cream Mom and Dad and get it on our tongues.") We're at a point now where it seems like every day brings some new phrase that I wasn't aware he knew.

There's a part of me that gets slightly bummed out that I'm even having these feelings of wonder now, because they're overdue to an extent. But on the flip side, this evolving little personality is coming out, and it's really charming. He's a lot of fun.

I give Simon's teacher so much credit. Having that kind of attention has helped him enormously, and helped us understand how best to reach him as well. I don't know if she really understands just how big of a deal her influence is, and the impact it will have on the rest of his life. Diana is going to let her know, regardless.


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