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posted by Jeff | Saturday, June 13, 2015, 11:43 AM | comments: 0

There are a lot of changes right now here at Puzzoni World HQ. The end of the school year means that the bulk of the routine we had is out the window, and I think it's going to take some getting used to. School wasn't just good for Simon, it was good for Diana as well because it gave her more time for hobby stuff and running the household. After just one week, we're finding that Simon is looking for a lot of attention. And as we head into summer, we're in less of a hurry to be outside in the afternoon. She's planning some structured school-like time starting next week, and he'll also start OT.

I'm trying to find a rhythm for life as well. For about a month now I've been averaging more than 10k steps a day to battle the inactivity that goes along with my job, and most of that has been by walking first thing in the morning. I've been skipping it on days I go into the office, making it up the other day. I've actually gone to the theme parks with the specific purpose of knocking out some walking time because it doesn't feel like exercise that way (and it gets Simon out of the house).

Beyond that though, I'm not very motivated to do anything with my free time. I've been pretty content to do passive things like watch TV, which is not my thing. I'm not writing code for my projects or sites because I've been spending a high percentage of time doing that for work. I'd like to go see more movies, but I'm convinced that isn't going to happen much until Simon is in high school. I'm in a weird place where I'm not sure how to engage in recreation.

Things might get really interesting in the fall, as Diana is considering going back to work full-time. I'm not sure how that works with school and child care. It's new territory for us.

It's weird how life can sort of be on auto-pilot for extended periods of time. There's a certain comfort in routine for sure, especially for a family like ours that moved five times inside of five years. If change fatigue is a thing, we totally had it. Fortunately, this change doesn't involve boxes, new jobs or anything similarly disruptive.


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