Our sick little guy

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 7:58 PM | comments: 0

We've got our first bona fide fever illness with Simon tonight. He's had a stomach flu, which was the thing that we both had (somehow he escaped fever in that one), and several colds, but nothing like this.

Apparently it started this afternoon, when he insisted on napping early and didn't want to eat. Diana described him as being "not right." Just as I got home, I entered the kitchen to find a set of four eyes, filled with fear, and an awful smell. Once I got around to see the other side of Diana holding Simon, I could see that he had had an epic protein spill. It was pretty awful.

I changed clothes in record time, and got him upstairs while Diana stripped off the mess. Just getting him naked was a challenge, because he didn't want to be put down. I fired up the bath, hotter than I typically would for him, and got him in. He seemed to feel better instantly, but you could tell he had a fever.

After the bath, we cuddled in front of the TV. That's what made it obvious... he isn't much of a cuddler until he's really tired, not to mention this was normally his evening play time. I kept him covered up with his favorite blanket, and Diana got his tiger and binky. His temperature was 100.6, which we read isn't that terrible. I got him to drink a little water, which made me feel better at least because I'm worried about him being dehydrated.

He went to bed early, before 7, appearing so sad and miserable. It really got to me. When he's just bitching and moaning because he can't figure out how to sit up, I just tune him out, but this really made me feel terrible for him. I just wanted to crawl into bed with him.

A little over an hour after he went down, I checked on him, and he's clearly uncomfortable, and still quite warm. It sucks. I hate seeing him uncomfortable.


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