Outsourcing: Bush finally got it right

posted by Jeff | Friday, March 3, 2006, 12:35 PM | comments: 0

It appears that Bush finally said something that made sense. He contends that outsourcing to India is not a bad thing in the global economy. I'm shocked. He says protectionism is bad.

First off, when you look at the stats, outsourcing isn't nearly as bad as it seems, and I think one fed agency even says it's down overall. I think the reason that there has been so much noise about it in the last couple of years is because it happens to expensive knowledge workers who make a lot of noise.

This is something in general that frustrates me about a lot of Americans. The "buy American" for cars thing has certainly quieted down, in part I'm sure because the American auto-makers aren't even in the top 3 anymore, to say nothing of that fact that most "Japanese" cars are made here anyway.

Bill Gates testified before Congress that we're kind of screwed when it comes to scientist types. We just aren't producing them. I know that in every programming job I've had in the last few years, we've had Indians and Asians not because they're cheaper, but because there are no qualified candidates locally.

It's time that we get our stuff together if we're going to compete.


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