Parades! Now I get it

posted by Jeff | Monday, October 31, 2011, 1:47 PM | comments: 0

We went to Cedar Point yesterday for closing day, a tradition I have very much missed... well, technically only last year, since we went in 2009. In any case, the park is a very different place with Simon.

On our last visit, for BooBuzz, we actually did quite a bit of riding, doing the parent swap thing. It's less fun than having a babysitter, but it's still fun. Simon loves Cedar Point, in that he likes to run around and take in all of the excitement. He's not crazy about rides, because he has to sit down for those when he could be running somewhere. He also get distracted by the exit gates, which are an extension of his strange obsession with closing doors. We tried to get him on some stuff, and he wouldn't do it. He wandered into the queue for the Camp Bus, so I picked him up and we got on it. He didn't flip out, but he was telling us he was "all done," by putting his arms in the air, in the middle of it.

Ride issues aside, he's happy to run around, and we try to let him explore in places where he won't get trampled by the crowds. What I did not anticipate is how much he loved the parade. The do a Halloween parade every afternoon, and he absolutely loved it. From the marching band at the front, and all the way through, he kicked his feet and smiled. I don't think I've ever seen him smile so continuously. It was awesome.

So now, I get it. I've always thought that parades at the Disney World parks were annoying, because it always seems like you're fighting to get away from one. Through Simon's eyes, I now understand why they do it. Kids love them. If kids love them, then by extension, I have to enjoy them as well.


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