Patio furniture, and other home purchases

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 7:03 PM | comments: 0

After more than three years in our house, and seven of Florida home ownership overall, we finally bought some patio furniture.

That probably sounds wholly unremarkable, but we spend so much patio time, all year. We previously had a not that comfortable love seat that a neighbor gave us, where two out of three of us could sit. For some reason we were OK with that for years. Now we have an L-shaped couch and a rocker thing, and it's glorious.

I don't know why we're cheap about buying stuff for home. It's sparsely decorated, though basically functional. In seven years, we replaced a mattress and bought a dining room table, but that's it. I mean, Diana cobbled together a makeup table from spare parts last year (and then mostly stopped wearing makeup because pandemic), instead of buying something. Today we ordered a little end table to put between the couch and the chair, after years of putting drinks on the floor next to the chair.

I think this year we'll replace the carpet. The stuff the builder used is total shit, and it's a matted mess after just three years, with three people living here. That's gonna suck. I don't wanna do the Florida thing and do tile either (first thing the buyers of our last home did).


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