Perfect weather day

posted by Jeff | Saturday, May 21, 2011, 4:59 PM | comments: 0

Yesterday was pretty much the perfect day in terms of weather. It was long overdue, and sadly, it doesn't look like there's a repeat in our near future.

The Cloud Services Team had an off-site morale event. We had a cruise around Puget Sound on an Argosy boat, complete with faux casino and a whole lot of alcohol. It was clear enough to see everything... Mt. Rainier, Baker, as well as the Cascade and Olympic ranges in the general sense. We tooled around in a big loop from the Seattle harbor to Blake Island, which as far as I can tell is uninhabited. The views were just incredible, and I didn't really appreciate how awesome the scenery could be.

It was also good to meet a lot of new people. I made it a point to talk to people I didn't know particularly well instead of the people I worked most closely with. I tied one on pretty quickly, so I was extra friendly. Good times.

I front loaded the drinks so I'd be sober again by the time we docked. The waterfront was really buzzing with tourists. I got a good appreciation for where the aquarium and some of the restaurants are, so one of these days we'll have to head down there.

After I got home, we headed over to Joe's for a mini-family cook-out. Simon really seemed comfortable there for the first time in awhile, and the cousins all seemed to have a good time. It was a great ending to great day. I guess it will be another month or so, but hopefully these days will be more common very soon. I'm tired of the cold temperatures!


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