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posted by Jeff | Friday, December 17, 2010, 11:00 PM | comments: 0

Microsoft released an update to its beta Mac Connector app, to sync music and photos between the phone and Mac via iTunes and iPhoto. It works extremely well now, and that means I get all of my playlists from the last howevermany years. Hooray!

Aaron and I visited Commons the other day and popped in the AT&T store, where they had some nice cases for the Samsung Focus. Accessories were 50% off for employees, so I got two. Diana and I both have semi-hard cases now with rubberized sides, and they really improve the phone overall. The buttons are easier to feel for and the damn thing won't slide out of my pocket.

I got e-mail this morning from the corporate vice president of communications. That made me nervous to see his name, but as it turns out, he was thanking me for standing by the phone on a rather bullshit "analysis" about sales so far. I shared this with my boss, who made the case that if I put my writing talents to better use, I could probably carve out a position for myself in the company the way a few others have. I know he's right, and I don't know what stops me.

I did see one extrapolation that puts the phone, all carriers and models, at around 700k sold in the first month, which would actually be more than I would expect. The company is being pretty tight about the figures, but I can't say I blame them, since tech pundits are idiots who expect every product launch in the consumer space to sell at the rate of the iPhone or it's a failure. Mark my words... it'll be a win in the long term.

One month so far, and I don't miss my iPhone at all. Still gotta write up that review though!


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