Plague progress

posted by Jeff | Sunday, January 30, 2011, 1:58 PM | comments: 0

Things are still... stinky, around the house, but getting better. Simon still has diarrhea, but it's more "parenthesesed" by liquid. (Aren't you glad you read my blog, where I talk about poop all of the time?) I think we've managed to keep him hydrated overall, but he's been pretty picky about solid food. He was the happiest I've seen him in a week this morning, and there are smiles and laughs where before there were only cries and screams.

On top of the onslaught of poo, he's still dealing with crazy teething pain, but there's only one tooth left to break through, and he'll have his set. We also think that he's had the crazy body aches that we've had, and that's why he's been so needy at times. It's the only way we can explain the screaming. Unfortunately, for some reason he hates the Tylenol, and it's not easy to get it in him. I've now experienced the sad and horrible act of having to restrain your own kid as he screams, and it feels shitty.

As for mom and dad, I finally slept normally last night, and the body pain is mostly gone. Diana is right there with me. We both seem to be experiencing a reboot of our digestive systems though, because despite a lack of outward symptoms, we're having all kinds of cramps and strange noises coming from inside. Diana compares it to the time just after Simon was born, when her organs were all settling into new homes.

I was really worried about a relapse for me, because Friday the pain in my back was nuts. I've read that it's typical of this kind of virus, but I don't remember enduring it before. My continued lack of appetite didn't help either. Saturday was much better outside of the fact that I couldn't sleep, but I think I've mostly beaten it.

Articles on these kinds of viral infections suggest that as long as you have diarrhea, you can still be contagious, so it seems irresponsible to take Simon out. Diana wanted to get out of the house today (I haven't been out since Wednesday!), so I stayed home with the little guy, who is taking a nice long nap. His sleep is still screwed up, but he never really adjusted back to Pacific time in the first place when we returned from Florida.

So here's to hoping Simon's poo thickens up, and we can all get back to living life outside of these walls!


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