Play through the pain!

posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 21, 2005, 11:45 PM | comments: 0

So today at practice playing against the 18's, I played middle for half of the rotation. Both of the girls had school stuff to be at so I filled in. Put one of my D.S.'s in as the other middle (she was awesome).

I don't get a chance to play much, so I cherish getting the chance. I really have a great appreciation now for how much work it is to be a middle. You're pretty much always in motion. I mean, I know that because I'm a coach, but I never really appreciated it. I didn't completely suck, but it's really hard to get to the outside quickly.

On one block, I got a little too over-zealous and landed on my setter's foot. My first reaction was, "Oh shit, I broke my setter," but as it turns out I only hurt myself. I dropped to the floor and pulled I think one of the muscles on the side of my lower leg. That's weird. No sprain or swelling though.

I got right back up and ignored what I felt, and actually faked a slide then blocked the very next play. I knew I hurt myself, but it wasn't bad enough to stop, and I felt it wouldn't be very cool to let the kids see me bleed. How lame is that? Bowing to peer pressure from 17-year-old girls. Just like high school!

By the last rotation it started to hurt a little more, but it didn't really start to suck until I got out of my car a half-hour after practice ended.

Still... good times. Practice is becoming a lot more relaxed, and I think that everyone is adjusting their expectations. Our tournament this weekend has club teams and younger teams, so this is our chance to win one. If I get nothing else from playing with them, it's that it's a ton of fun, win or lose. How could you ever get down when you're have that much fun? I'll have to ask them...


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