Podcast recording setup

posted by Jeff | Saturday, September 24, 2005, 11:38 PM | comments: 0

I tested my podcast recording setup tonight, and it all appears to work. I'll test and restest tomorrow before we actually record tomorrow night.

In the picture below, the laptop is acting as my Skype phone where I can conference in four people. The phone with the phone interface sits in the middle so I can also pull someone in that way (which is actually by way of Vonage, so it's all IP-based). The tricky part, and the reason for the mixer, is that I needed to do mix-minus via the aux sends to both the laptop (to hear my mic and the phone) and to the phone (to hear my mic and the Skype laptop) so everyone could hear each other without feeding back. As expected, it works like a champ and sounds great. It's so kick ass to own my very own Mackie mixer after being out of the broadcast biz for so many years!

I have no idea how or if this will ever make money, and at the moment I don't even care. I'm just really excited to be doing it. More Monday...


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