Power washing power

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 12:35 PM | comments: 0

When we came back to Cleveland in July for our fundraising efforts, I was amazed to see that the driveway at my house was turning black. It was a combination of growing stuff all over the place, much of it green closer to the house, where it doesn't get sun. It was pretty nasty. Nature wanted to take back the land.

The deck was gray again as well, despite a good wash just before we moved to Seattle. I briefly toyed with the idea of buying a power washer, but considering how often I'd actually use it, I talked myself out of it and borrowed my dad's.

If you're a man, and enjoy powerful tools, then a power washer seems like the most amazing thing ever. When I washed my deck, I actually found myself cutting the wood in places. Sweet. That's a lot of pressure. What an awesome tool!

Except that it gets kind of exhausting to use. Fighting the pressure requires using muscles you probably don't normally use. Your feet get intolerably wet, and fragments of wood get everywhere. It's a messy business.

The driveway was actually easier to clean, but it's at least ten times the surface area when you count the sidewalks. It felt like it might take forever to get the whole thing clean.

When I finally got it done, however, I felt pretty relieved and happy with the result. It looks like someone might live here again.


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