Ready, go

posted by Jeff | Monday, September 26, 2011, 10:18 PM | comments: 0

Well, there isn't much left to say at this point. All of our crap is on a truck, and some time next week, we'll have it all back in Cleveland. I start driving early tomorrow morning, Diana and Simon fly out Wednesday.

Load went pretty smoothly, though Simon definitely got annoyed as he became more tired and hungry. I got super cranky having to drive to the far end of Redmond to turn in our Comcast box, and after 20 minutes with a screaming kid in the car, I just cut in line, dropped the box on the counter, and told them I was done with them wasting my time and walked out. Dick move, but whatever.

The Aspen Lane house is so empty. It's so weird. I liked living there for the most part. I just can't get over the mixed emotions that come with this move. It's even harder because tonight we're staying with Diana's brother's family, just down the road. Not having them so close is the biggest loss of the whole arrangement, and I struggle with it.

I feel particularly bad for Simon. I know that he'll adjust, but this whole experience has been a little rough on him. He's had lots of smiles, but he has also been out of sorts the last week. There's a part of me that often wonders if I didn't think it all through enough in terms of what's best for him. He's young, and he'll adjust, but it still makes me sad. I won't get to see his PEPS friends tomorrow either.

Crossing my fingers that the cats relax (with their kitteh dope), and tomorrow goes smoothly...


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